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Meet Dallas’ newly appointed Poet Laureates

In an official ceremony at Dallas City Hall on Wednesday, April 10, Mayor Eric Johnson appointed Dr. Mag Gabbert as the city’s second Poet Laureate. The Hockaday School student, Naisha Randhar, was also named the Youth Poet Laureate. These two laureates will represent the city’s commitment to the literary arts for the next one or two years respectively.

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Meet Dallas’ Newly Appointed Poet Laureates

Cast a line for Fort Worth’s top 5 seafood spots

Fort Worth is a city that’s no stranger to steakhouses, but when it comes to seafood, it doesn’t clam up either. Tucked within Tarrant County, the area boasts a constellation of seafood spots that can satisfy any craving from the ocean’s depths. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick fish taco or a lavish lobster dinner, there’s a place for every palate.

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Cast A Line For Fort Worth’s Top 5 Seafood Spots