The haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spots

The haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spots

Photo courtesy of Yorktown Memorial Hospital via Facebook

By Joey Held

May 28, 2024

Texas is massive, so perhaps it’s not surprising that it’s full of mystical, intriguing places. From haunted hospitals to spooky bridges, there’s mystery to be found all across the Lone Star State. 

While there are logical reasons for certain phenomena, some visitors have experienced things that seem to have no explanation. We’re highlighting ten of the most mysterious places around Texas—complete with what people have reported to see, hear, and feel. 

Catfish Plantation

814 Water St, Waxahachie, TX 75165

A catfish restaurant probably isn’t the first “mysterious” place that comes to mind, but Catfish Plantation is home to at least a trio of ghosts. Caroline lived in the house with her family in the 1900s; due to her disdain for alcohol, visitors have claimed to see wine glasses tossed around the room. Another ghost, Elizabeth, died on her wedding day at the hands of a jealous ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend of her fiancé. A third ghost is a former farmer who tends to hang out on the porch.

Other guests have said the building has burnt down several times, only to re-emerge once again. Though the restaurant closed some years ago, the spirits liked to taunt the staff, turning off ovens and knocking plates out of their hands. 

Yorktown Memorial Hospital

728 W. Main Street, Yorktown, TX, 78164

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital could easily be the setting for a horror movie—after all, the building has stood abandoned for more than 30 years. The hospital closed in 1986 and served as a rehab facility until 1992. As the setting might suggest, thousands of people died while the hospital was operating.

Today, the original furniture and items in the hospital remain, weathered from decades of abandonment. Visitors have insisted on spotting dark figures, hearing mysterious noises, and being grabbed by spirits. 

Donkey Lady Bridge

Applewhite Road, San Antonio, TX 78264

Many mysterious legends begin with some horrific event, usually resulting in death or disfigurement. The Donkey Lady Bridge is no exception—the most common tale is that a farmer burned down his home with his family inside. His wife survived but was so badly burned that her fingers appeared to be hooves, and her face had transformed into an elongated shape, much like a donkey. As revenge, she now haunts Elm Creek.

You can’t drive across the bridge, though you can park beside it. Some people maintain they’ve heard a creature screaming; others reported indentations on their car that resembled hooves or hearing the click-clack of hooves on the ground. Most visitors feel like they’re being watched, so maybe this legend inspired the hit Rockwell song.

USS Lexington

2914 N. Shoreline Boulevard, Corpus Christi, TX, 78402

The haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spots

Photo courtesy of USS Lexington Museum via Facebook

The USS Lexington served from 1943 to 1991 (aside from a brief decommission after World War II), making her the oldest working carrier in the Navy at the time. Today, Lexington is an extensive museum, serving as a popular field trip for schools in the area.

Of course, the bravest souls will opt for an overnight stay, including a ship tour, ghost stories, a scavenger hunt, and bunking in original crew quarters. These nighttime visits are when people assert they’ve seen unusual activity, and Lexington leans into those beliefs with an annual “Haunting on the Blue Ghost” haunted house in the fall.  

Marfa Lights

Off U.S. Route 67 just east of Marfa

Marfa has a ton of quirky stops, like the Prada Marfa store and the Giant Mural cutouts. But none is more popular (or mysterious) than the Marfa Lights. Each night, people congregate about nine miles east of the city center to check out the lights on the horizon. There are many theories out there, from UFOs to ghosts to blazing campfires. Yet even after more than 150 years—the first historical sighting of the lights dates back to 1883—no one knows the source of the lights for sure.

Plaza Theatre

One Civic Center Plaza, El Paso, TX 79901 

El Paso’s Plaza Theatre is a beautiful building designed with Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and stunning painted ceilings, mosaic floors, and vintage furniture. It’s also home to the Mighty Wurlitzer Balaban III organ, one of just six ever made.

Of course, with nearly 100 years of history—including being vacant from 1985 to 2006—there’s plenty of intrigue around the theatre. Patrons often spot the spirit of a young girl dancing around the mezzanine, and a rag doll can levitate on its own as it moves about the theatre. The most famous legend is The Smoking Man, dressed in a 1930s tuxedo while puffing on a cigarette. He’ll often plunge off the balcony onto the ground below before reappearing in a balcony seat, none the worse for wear. Even with the smoking, he still sounds like a better guest than Statler and Waldorf.

Moore’s Crossing Bridge

Moores Bridge Rd, Del Valle, TX 78617

The haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spots

Photo courtesy of Larry D. Moore via Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY 4.0

While The Driskill understandably gets a lot of attention for the variety of ghosts that purportedly hang out around the rooms and bar area, there’s another spirited spot just outside of Austin that’s away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Moore’s Crossing was initially part of a six-span bridge that crossed the Colorado River along Congress Avenue, later moving to its current location across Onion Creek. A few legends exist about the bridge, including a hanging execution after a forbidden love affair. Witnesses claim to have seen a ghostly woman looking up at a man hanging from the crossbeam. People have also heard the sound of old cars driving by and spotted spirits in vintage clothing walking across the bridge before disappearing entirely.

Demon’s Road

Bowden Road off FM 1791, Huntsville, TX 77340

Sometimes, a name just invites mystery. Okay, the actual name is “Bowden Road,” though this backroad tucked away in the southwest of Huntsville has several spooky stories. The road is pleasant enough in the daytime, but people report all kinds of paranormal activities at night. Perhaps you’ll spot the red eyes of a boy on a tricycle, a faceless monster that prowls through the trees, or even a hand reaching out from below a headstone. Adding to the intrigue: The only place to turn off Demon’s Road is to head into Martha Chapel Cemetery. Not exactly a welcome respite from spirits!

The Grove

405 Moseley St., Jefferson, Texas, Jefferson, TX 75657

Jefferson has two distinct unofficial titles: The B&B Capital of Texas and The Most Haunted Small Town in Texas. The Grove pairs them both.

Largely intact from its construction in 1861, the first sign of something eerie occurred in 1882. A man named T.C. Burke bought the home, moved his family in, and promptly left, stating, “We can’t live there.” Visitors say they’ve seen a man hurriedly walking through lily beds in the garden, a ladies’ man hanging out in the den, and a woman in a white dress with a favorite path to wander around the house.    

The Plaid Rabbit

118 West Erwin Street, Tyler, TX 75702

The haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spots

Photo courtesy of The Plaid Rabbit at Culture ETX via Facebook

We’ve covered a lot of morbid spots on this list, so here’s a lighter palate-cleanser to wrap up. The Plaid Rabbit is a hidden speakeasy behind Culture ETX inspired by “Alice in Wonderland.” Visit the speakeasy’s Facebook or Instagram to learn the latest password, then declare that you want to go down the rabbit hole. The entry is a delightful production, and though you don’t need to dress to The Mad Hatter’s standards, you’ll feel like a part of the crew as you walk inside. Grab a cocktail and try something from the menu full of tasty treats. Should you use the bathroom, try to avoid crying a river if you can’t figure out which doorknob is the real exit. 

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.The haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spotsThe haunted USS Lexington + 9 other mysterious Texas spots

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