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By Joi Louviere

May 29, 2024

You may have learned about it on the news or on social media, or  you might have watched a documentary on an issue that’s threatening our climate health — fast fashion. The term refers to cheaply made and sold clothes that are produced fast enough to keep up with runway trends. 

The fashion industry produces about 90 million tons of waste a year, including chemicals and the packing material used to ship those $20 dresses across the country and globe. The average U.S. consumer throws away about 81.5 lbs of clothes each year and it’s estimated that items are worn between 7 and 10 times before they’re tossed. That’s 35 percent less wear time than what was calculated 15 years ago

Thirfters, consignment buyers, and sustainability advocates have been promoting reusable fashion for years, whether it’s giving the garment a new home or repurposing it into  something completely new. Thrifting reduces major waste and can offer unique pieces that no one around will have. 

Many know about the Plato’s Closets, Uptown Cheapskates, and Buffalo Exchanges by now, and Thrift Giant has 10 stores around the metroplex that you may have passed, but be sure to also add the shops below to your list. Some focus on simply thrifting, while others curate styles and resale luxury brands. 


Curating a style


Rare Heart Vintage

Address: 330 W Davis St Suite #101, Dallas, TX 75208

You’ll find Rare Heart rather incognito amongst the ruckus of Bishop Arts. Denim rules here, along with sporty t-shirts and jackets. An American Eagle photoshoot could certainly be styled in this shop —but one for 29-year-olds. Quality jeans are for big kids and so are the cowboy boots and southwestern accessories you’ll see in this shop. There’s a fitting room you may not notice, so ask the owner to try something on and you’ll be an indie singer in no time. 


Good Cycle

Address: 169 Historic Town Square Lancaster, TX 75146

You’ve probably heard of Good Cycle because your friend was wearing some amazing jacket they got there. Famous for their bleach-tossed trench coats, you’ll have vintage designer jackets, stylish hats, and practically-priced power suits at your fingertips, for all sexes and body types. Say hi to the owner Nikayla who you’ll know by her impeccable ‘fits and eagerness to help shoppers create looks. An added plus to this shop is that they build community by hosting events frequently like pop-up coffee or cocktail bars, listening lounges, and movie nights.


Vagabond Vintage

Address: 831 Foch St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Walking into Vagabond Vintage, it is clear you’re arrived in t-shirt heaven. Motorcycle, cartoons, sports, and concert tees are all available for varying prices depending on rarity. They have warehouse sales where you can grab whatever you want and just pay by the pound, or fill-a-bag events where you pay a set fee for whatever you can fit in a bag. Besides Fort Worth, they have locations in Denton and Dallas. 


Looking for a deal


Out of the Closet 

Address: 3920 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219

Restocked daily, Out of the Closet has an impressive collection of clothing, accessories, and home items in their Oak Lawn store. Colorful ties, work slacks, Halloween costumes, and maybe a couch?ou get a little bit of everything here and you’ll probably see a bowl of condoms. Don’t be alarmed, Out of the Closet is a store with a mission. Out of every dollar they make, 96 cents goes to funding life-saving HIV services to community members. 


Genesis Benefit Thrift Store

Address: 3419 Knight St, Dallas, TX 75219

Colorful dresses, framed art, and furniture line the Genesis Benefit Thrift’s floor, while the center holds racks and racks of donated clothing and 40 different pairs of black heels. Customers love that the clothes are great quality and have workwear brands like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor, but also a Patagonia or Hermes thing here or there. All the proceeds of this shop go to Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, helping local women escape from domestic violence. 


Upscale Resale Thrift Store

Address: 920 Dallas Dr, Denton, TX 76205

Quality items in an organized setting: That’s what Upscale Resale customers love. Run by Denton County Friends & Family, Upscale Resale works with those impacted by abuse through a voucher program, allowing them to shop at the store to get what they need. Community members are able to donate various items, but the store is mostly clothing. 


Collecting labels


To Be Continued

Address: 5600 W Lovers Ln Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75209

With stores in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Arizona and Dallas, To Be Continued aims to make luxury items like Chanel gold-painted denim skinny leg pants more accessible. Walking into TBC may cause hallucinations of that infamous Pretty Woman shopping scene, but you’re the one that gets it all. Although the owner is mainly at the Scottsdale location, you’ll find kind and knowledgeable store associates that enjoy a good deal as much as they do a good outfit.  


Luxury Consignment

Address: 2926 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Men get the fashion focus at Luxury Consignment. Suits, jackets, sport coats, and button-downs can be found at this boutique. Owner Scott, or one of the sales associates, will gladly help customers put together outfits. There is a lot to see in the store, so come ready to slide hangers and search diligently. You don’t want to miss the deal of a lifetime, or at least the deal of the month.


Martini Consignment

Address: 2923 N Henderson Ave A, Dallas, TX 75206

What started as  an Ebay account has since morphed into an online business and then a brick and mortar in 2008 by cofounders Greg and Ken in 2008. Mixing the world of “vintage couture and contemporary designer,” this consignment shop sells high end clothes that showcase fashion’s fun and creativity. Case in point? While you’ll find some everyday-wear pieces, you’ll also find a 1920’s beaded chiffon evening dress —you do you. 

  • Joi Louviere

    Joi Louviere is the community editor for Courier DFW. She’s a seventh generation Texan and world traveler, passionate about college access, DIY projects and trying out all the coffee shops in Dallas.



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