Post-storm tree care: What Dallas residents need to know

Upward view of a cluster of trees.

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By Good Info News Wire

June 6, 2024

Damage to trees, such as broken or dangling limbs and leaf loss, is common after such weather conditions. While leaf loss usually does not pose a significant problem, persistent dead leaves may indicate a more serious issue that requires professional evaluation.

Affected residents are advised to seek help from certified arborists to assess the condition of their trees and recommend next steps. Individuals can find professional arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture by visiting the Trees Are Good website and using the “Find a Professional” feature.

For those who have lost trees or require more general tree information, the City of Dallas Forestry Department offers advice online.

In general, it’s recommended that new trees get planted between November and April for the best chance of survival. Contrary to common belief, constant pruning might be more stressful for trees, with water being their primary need.

Dallas residents are also reminded to register for the annual Branch Out Dallas tree giveaway program that happens in the fall. The program provides a free 5-gallon tree to residents. For more information on Branch Out Dallas, click here.

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